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Flowering Season & Markets of India

Speaking in flowers has been the most enchanting way to get on the horn for ages. Forevermore, flowers and weddings have been in a relationship of long standing. In a country like India, most of the people accentuate on flower decorations while planning out their weddings. Right from the wedding bouquet of a bride, the floral downpour by bridesmaids, the boutonnieres of the groom and groomsmen, to the blossoming aisles and reception tables; flowers have an integral roleplay in our weddings.


For a majority of people, winter is the most preferred season for weddings. Remarkably couples like to enjoy their wedding bliss in the winter season and there are numerous reasons for that; from ravishing weather, frosty breeze, cozy ambience to wonderful cuisine, décor options and pristine destinations. However, wedding in winters requires to be taken care of a bundle of pre-requisites and needs too much planning as well.

Eco Friendly wedding

Environmental awareness is deeply embedded in the public consciousness. Eco-friendly weddings are becoming increasingly trendy as a result of eco-friendly themes. As more eco-friendly options become readily available, it's a great idea to embrace this notion and make it a part of your wedding's personality. Sustainable celebrations are becoming extremely important these days, and they are needed in terms of environmental preservation. While there are many ways to have an ecologically responsible wedding, there are a few easy ways to reduce waste and avoid plastic at Indian Shaadis. Here are a few simple and sassy tips for sustainable wedding planning: